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Where Mustangs, Youth, And God’s Grace Meet

Summer Camp Registration



To Register for our programs you must do the following:

  • Join our Registration Mailing List.

  • We will send out a registration email notification, at that time you must fill out   a Registration Packet for each child. (See links below)

  • Electronically submit a HOLD HARMLESS form for each child (you will receive a digital copy at registration.

About our Camps!

Located near Junction City, Wild Ones Youth Ranch is a working farm where historic Kiger Mustangs are raised and trained. Come be a part of Oregon history!

Our trained staff (instructors, wranglers, junior wranglers, ranch hands, and support staff) make sure each child has a safe and unforgettable camp experience.

Each Wild Ones Youth Ranch Day Camp (ages 8+)  could include some or all of the following activities:

Horse safety; Riding basics; Horse history & trivia; Horse and other farm games, Nature walks with native plant and animal identification; Bible story time.   

Activities may vary due to the size of the group, staff availability or weather conditions. 

Skill level:  Beginner.  Our camps are designed for kids with little to no riding experience, although we welcome riders of all levels.  Our goal is to teach basic horsemanship.  

Buckaroos Camps (ages 4-7)

These camps are geared for our youngest riders and include many of the same activities as our Day Camps. 

Cost is $30 per camp or $75 for a block of 3 consecutive camps

Mini Day Camps (ages 8 -14)

This year we are offering mini camps, which are 2-hour sessions.  Riders will have the opportunity to rotate through various riding and activity stations during their sessions.  

Cost is $30 per camp or $75 for a block of 3 consecutive days

2023 Summer Camp Dates

Buckaroos Camps (ages 4-7)


Buckaroos Camp Dates

June 21, 22, 23
June 28, 29, 30

Morning camp: 9-11:30 am

Afternoon camp: 12:30-3 pm


Cost: $30  per camp or $75 for a block of 3 consecutive days

Mini Day Camps (ages 8-14)

Day Camp Dates

July 12, 13, 14

July 26, 27, 28
August 16, 17, 18

August 23, 24, 25


Morning camp: 9-11 am

Afternoon camp: 12-2 pm

Afternoon camp: 3-5 pm

Cost: $30  per camp or $75 for a block of 3 consecutive days

To register, please click the links below (LINKS ARE ONLY ACTIVE AFTER REGISTRATION HAS BEGUN.)


DAY CAMP REGISTRATION (ages 8-14 only): Click HERE


Buckaroos Camps:  registration starts June 5
July Day Camps:  registration starts June 12

August Day Camps:  registration starts July 10 

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