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Where Mustangs, Youth, And God’s Grace Meet


Upcoming Events

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Group Lessons


All activities are running as scheduled at this time. 


Not going to make your activity? Let us know with our Absence Form!

Weather Conditions that may affect lessons 


*If driving is dangerous we will be closed*


Spring & Fall


Closed: Severe Thunderstorms


Barn Lesson; Warm weather by discretion; Heavy rain



Camp Kids

  • 97* - 100* = Walk for short amounts of time

  • 90*-97*= Minimal trotting with lots of breaks

  • Under 90* = Ride like usual



  • Walk during any temperature

  • 95*-100* = Minimal trotting with lots of breaks

  • Under 95* = Ride like usual


Closed: Freezing rain; Snow; Wind 20+ MPH


Barn Lessons: Wind 15+ MPH; Heavy rain



Please read this list of Frequently Asked Questions about our programs:





Group Lessons

WOYR’s Group Lessons are ideal for beginning riders with little to no experience. These reduced-price lessons are for children who might not be able to participate in weekly lessons in another environment.  They are intended to be an introduction to basic horse safety and rudimental riding skills.  

  • Who: Youth ages 8-14 years

  • What: 1 hour of basic horse safety, groundwork, horse handling, basic riding, or farm experience per week designed for beginning riders. 

  • When: Typically our lessons run from September-November and April-June  

  • Suggested donation: $80 per 8-week session


To see how you can get Registered, click here!

Summer Camps


WOYR’s Jr. JUMPers lessons offer an opportunity for younger kids with little to no horse experience who would like to try out horse handling, riding, and farm life.  These sessions are geared for children who would eventually like to be enrolled in our JUMP youth program.  

  • Who: Kids ages 6-8 years

  • What: Weekly 1-hour horse handling/riding sessions and activities

  • When: September-November and April-June 

  • Suggested donation: $24 per 8-week session

To see how you can get Registered, click here!

Summer Camps


Give your kids a summer to remember!


Have your kids always wanted a chance to play with horses and learn some riding basics? If so, Wild Ones Youth Ranch’s Summer Horse Camps are a perfect way to introduce boys and girls to the joys of horseback riding. These day camp sessions are designed for children of all riding abilities.

We have camps for ages 3-7 (Buckaroos) and ages 8-14 (Day Camps).  

2024 Summer Camp dates will be posted in May!!  To see how you can get Registered, click here!

JUMP Program


(join up mentorship program)




Wild Ones’ JUMP program (Join-Up Mentorship Program) provides the opportunity for youth ages 6-18 to work with Christian mentors who model the attitude of serving God and others through our wonderful horses.

JUMP Program Requirements

Here are the basic requirements for each tier of our JUMP program. Rules are subject to change anytime at the discretion of the director.


Fees:  There is a quarterly fee of $70 (payable every three months). This covers all group lessons and summer camps throughout the year.


Jr. JUMPers (ages 6-10) is made up of younger riders who would eventually like to enroll in the program as Ranch Hands. They are introduced to horse basics via weekly lessons.



  • must be 6-10 years of age

  • must participate in weekly group lessons at the ranch

  • optional attendance of monthly meetings

  • Please note Jr. JUMPers do not pay a quarterly fee; they pay for group lessons ($3 per lesson) and summer camp fee ($35) separately [rates subject to change]


Ranch Hands

(ages 10 and up) get hands-on experience with horses, a taste of farm life, and the opportunity to help out at camps, lessons, and other Wild Ones events. They attend monthly meetings and have weekly volunteer time. Last but not least, they have many chances to ride and have fun!


  • must be 10-12 years of age

  • must have completed at least one session of Group Lessons, (8 lessons)

  • must put in an initial 20 hours of volunteer time

  • must volunteer for 1/2 a day per week during summer camps

  • must faithfully attend meetings and events

  • must participate in weekly group lessons at the ranch


Junior Wranglers

(ages 12 and up) are entrusted with bigger responsibilities and have even more opportunities to gain horse experience and make memories!


  • must be 12-14 years of age

  • must have completed Ranch Hand requirements 

  • must volunteer for 1/2 a day per week during summer camps

  • must put in an additional 10 hours of volunteer time in June and August

  • must faithfully attend meetings and events

  • must participate in weekly group lessons at the ranch



(ages 15 and up) who can demonstrate good horsemanship are encouraged to join our Wrangler Program. Wranglers are the hands-on teachers and counselors of our ministry. They help mentor the Ranch Hands and Junior Wranglers while improving and fine-tuning their own horse skills. The Wranglers’ hard work is a vital part of our summer camps and other events. Attaining the status of Wrangler is a privilege and carries with it the responsibility to be role models, not only for the Jr. JUMPers, Ranch Hands and Junior Wranglers, but for all who benefit from our ministry.


  • must be at least 15 years of age

  • must have completed Jr. Wrangler Requirements

  • must volunteer for 1 day per week during summer camps

  • must put in 1 or more hours of volunteer time weekly
    (includes lessons, chores and working horses)

  • must faithfully attend meetings and events

  • must participate in weekly group lessons at the ranch



Here at Wild Ones Youth Ranch, it is our desire that every child who dreams of interacting with horses in any way can have the opportunity to do just that, no matter his or her circumstance.

To learn more and apply for a scholarship, follow this link: Scholarship Application.


If you would like to fund a scholarship, click here!

Group Openings

Group Openings

Want to schedule a unique group activity? Click here to let us know what you had in mind! A few guidelines to remember:

  • Wild Ones books group events for 2-hour blocks of time, subject to staff and resource availability.   Please note that weekends or weeknights after 6 PM are best for these requests .

  • To request an invite, please contact us at least 1 month before the desired date. Keep in mind that June through August is our camp season and available dates will be very limited during this time period. Please have back-up dates at hand in case your requested day is not open.

  • Groups interested in riding must have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 participants. (Participants are defined as any person actually riding in the session. Supervising adults are not included in this total) Minimum age for riders is 7 years old.


Wild Ones offers educational tours on the history of Kiger mustangs, local Native American traditions and history and identification of regional flora and fauna.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us!

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